Our sustainability strategy is at the heart of our business

Our goal is to create something better for the world's smokers with a portfolio of high quality next generation and tobacco products. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, working with stakeholders to have a positive social impact and maintaining high standards of governance.



Sustainable tobacco supply: maintaining sustainable agricultural practices to ensure a constant and high-quality supply of tobacco.

Reduced harm Next Generation Products (NGP): develop alternative products that are less harmful to health.

Responsible operations and people: behave responsibly at all times and ensure a safe and rewarding working environment for employees.



Consumer health: creating something better for the world's smokers with high-value potentially less harmful next-generation products

Climate and energy: Growing our business while reducing our impact on the environment

Livelihoods and welfare of farmers: Working with our suppliers to support farming communities through high agricultural practices (alternative crops), providing a safe working environment and access to clean water.

Human Rights: Promoting respect for human rights throughout our business and supply chain and eradicating child labour

Waste: Minimising waste to landfill related to our operations