The whole nicotine sector is changing.

Technological innovation combined with changing needs of consumers and asks from economic actors, all sensible to public health challenges, have led to the development of vaping.

By choosing to invest in next generation products (NGP), the Imperial Brands group has set itself the goal of creating innovative and high-quality alternatives to traditionnal tobacco, that are potentially less harmful. We are committed to focusing only on adult smokers and vapers.

Our Myblu products are developed by our subsidiary Fontem Ventures BV, in our development center in Amsterdam.

The composition of the e-liquids for Myblu, produced in the United Kingdom, is available on our website. They are developed on the basis of nicotine (not present in the 0 mg/ml pods), propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and natural and artificial flavourings that are also used in the food industry. The products do not contain tobacco.

The nicotine present in the products containing nicotine is of pharmaceutical quality.

All ingredients in the e-liquids of the Myblu range comply with the regulations in force in the Netherlands, in Europe (EUTPD) and internationally (USP, FDA PMTA).



The Imperial Brands group takes a responsible approach to offering tobacco products and is committed, together with its suppliers and manufacturers, to protecting the environment, combating child labour and supporting local communities.

We mainly contract with recognised international suppliers, but a small quantity is also purchased directly from the producers. Approximately 20% of our leaf tobacco comes from the European Union, mainly from Spain, Poland and Italy.

The quality requirements for our tobacco and the conditions in which it is produced are very strict.

Some of our committments are:

  • We take the necessary measures and have introduced controls to ensure that we do not buy or process genetically modified tobacco.
  • Through our Leaf Partnership programme we support projects that improve the living conditions of tobacco producers by reducing their labour needs and improving their energy efficiency.
  • The Imperial Brands group, through the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Foundation (ECLT), is fighting child labour. We are committed to providing better access to education and to improving children's well-being through the numerous ECLT programmes for education, awareness-raising and support to local communities.
  • We also maintain an ongoing and constructive dialogue with Human Rights Watch, an international non-governmental organization dedicated to addressing human rights violations, in particular concerning child labour on tobacco plantations.