Imperial’s partnership projects in Malawi mainly focus around water stewardship. Projects such as dams, hand pumps and solar boreholes have all been part of the investments made over the past few years.

This has allowed for opportunities to further expand on these projects and extract the full potential of what can be achieved in these partnership programmes with our suppliers and the farmers.  

An example of such expansion is the drip irrigation projects which farmers are using to grow vegetables such as cabbages and onions for an alternative income.

This is being done using a solar borehole installation which not only provides drinking water for communities but has developed opportunities for farmers to grow these vegetables and market them to supermarket chains in the capital city of Lilongwe.

As a result, up to 132,000 kilograms of potatoes, cabbages and onions are currently being sold every month.

Imperial has funded three solar drip irrigation systems and eight solar boreholes with one supplier in 2019. The earning capability of each drip site is about $10,000 US dollars per annuum through onion and cabbage sales.