Imperial Brands Nederland is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands PLC, a company listed on FTSE 100

Imperial Brands Nederland, managed by Julio Pascual, is a subsidiary of the Imperial Brands group and a member of the Western Europe Cluster comprising the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Gibraltar, Spain, Andorra and Portugal. The general manager of the Western Europe Cluster is Jon Fern├índez de Barrena Idoate.

Imperial Brands Nederland is a major tobacco player with a very broad product range - cigarettes, hollow tobacco, rolling tobacco and cigarette paper.

In 2019, Imperial Brands Nederland launched Myblu, an easy-to-use vape product based on a closed pod system, to make the e-cigarette available to all smokers who want to quit smoking.

The Imperial Brands group employs over 35,000 people worldwide.