In recent years, the sector has seen an incredible wave of innovation. Today, with vapour technology, we can offer adult smokers a worthy and potentially less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products.

We are committed to offer vapour to all adult smokers and, thus, provide answers to society's concerns about the risk of tobacco consumption. Our vision: to provide a simple, effective and affordable alternative for all adult smokers.

Indeed, more and more regulatory and public health bodies (e.g. the UK's Public Health England and Royal College of Physicians) are finding that vape products are less harmful than tobacco. They therefore have a role to play in educating smokers and reducing tobacco consumption (France's Supreme Health Council (HCSP)).

This is why the Imperial Brands group is investing heavily in Next Generation Products (NGP) and wants to revolutionise the world of adult smokers. This is a reality today in the Netherlands, where our product based on pre-filled pods, Myblu, is available in all authorised outlets, so that adult smokers can test and make the switch.



We market our products responsibly, in strict compliance with the applicable Dutch and European regulations. Our products are aimed at adults who are aware of the risks associated with their use.

Our group's International Marketing Standard (IMS) defines clear rules and principles to ensure that our activity is only aimed at adult smokers.

Although tobacco advertising in the Netherlands is following very strict rules since many years, this is not the case everywhere. In every country where Imperial Brands offers its products, we follow local legislation and our International Marketing Standards (IMS).

All our employees comply with these standards, as do our partners and service providers. The International Marketing Standards are published in their entirety on our group's website:

Here are some of our commitments:

  • Never encourage someone to start smoking.
  • Never discourage people from quitting smoking.
  • Always describe our products accurately and clearly.
  • Never claim that tobacco consumption is harmless or healthy.
  • Ensure that all tobacco advertising includes a health warning.
  • Never advertise to minors.
  • Never place outdoor advertising less than 100 meters from a school.
  • Never pay to ensure that our tobacco brands are present in movies or television programs.